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The Cercle Polder presents a unique opportunity to extend your professional network whilst funding diverse cultural and educational programmes supported by the France-Nederland Cultuurfonds. The foundation launched this exclusive circle following the French President’s state visit to the Netherlands in April of 2023 and organised a launch dinner on 21 November 2023 around Prime Minister Rutte for a discussion on the future of “the Franco-Dutch Tandem”.

Members of the Cercle Polder are welcomed every 3 months at the French Residence in The Hague for a confidential and informal discussion on a topic of interest for both countries, in particular, the fields of activity listed in the Pact for Innovation and Sustainable Growth signed during the state visit of April 2023. New members must be co-opted to join the group and must consent to the Chatham House Rule, meaning that all attendees are free to use the information received but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker be revealed. For each Cercle Polder session, one or two high-level guest speakers join the Cercle Polder and launch the debate.

Beyond these discussions, membership offers various advantages. Every member has access to invitations to cultural events organised by the Cercle’s partners and to an online directory, which facilitates the creation of new bonds between members. Membership also comes with privileged access to the Club Affaires of the CCI France Pays-Bas and members can also gain visibility during activities and events relating to the Nouveau Grand Tour and “Ik Spreek ook Frans”, with the possibility of inserting their logo on all communication materials.

The Cercle Polder also offers you, your company or your organisation, an opportunity to be part of new ambitious bilateral programmes in the fields of culture, education and science. So far, the Cercle has been participating in the funding of two pioneering projects: a European artistic residency programme, the Nouveau Grand Tour, and the programme “Ik Spreek ook Frans!” which offers workshops for young children from immigrant families raised in a plurilingual context that includes French. With the Cercle Polder, the France Nederland Cultuurfonds has created a space that stimulates intercultural dialogue both within its group and through its outcomes.