Who we are Old

The Foundation France – Nederland Cultuurfonds was launched in April 2023 to strengthen cooperation in all fields between the Netherlands and France.

The Foundation is managed by the Board of Directors:

  • François Alabrune, French Ambassador to the Netherlands, ex-officio member
  • Jean-Jacques Aillagon, former French Minister of Culture, Director General of the Pinault Collection – Paris
  • David Behar, Director of the Institut français NL and Cultural Counsellor, ex-officio member
  • Taco Dibbits, Director General of the Rijksmuseum – Amsterdam
  • Annelies van der Pauw, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the Stedelijk Museum – Amsterdam
  • Grégoire Poux-Guillaume, CEO Akzo Nobel – Amsterdam
  • Corinne Vigreux, Business executive and entrepreneur, co-founder of Tom-Tom – Amsterdam

The Board of Directors is advised by the Advisory Board which works on the main orientations of the foundation’s activities, on the cultural projects it wishes to develop or support and to provide input from the artistic and intellectual sector in both countries.

The Foundation France – Nederland Cultuurfonds was set up on 7 April 2023. It is a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI Cultuur).

Remuneration Policy

The remuneration policy of the Foundation must make it possible to attract and keep excellent staff and to attain its objectives to the best possible extent. The remuneration policy is aimed at ensuring that the director and the members of staff devote their efforts to the interests of the Foundation, giving priority to integrity and solidity. The remuneration policy is a transparent policy. The Foundation has no bonus policy, thirteenth month or year-end bonus.

The Members of the Board and the Advisory Board receive no remuneration for their work.